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The front door of your home is a key element for good feng shui. Learn how to make your front door a strong, welcoming portal for nourishing energy. You want to have a strong front door so that you can welcome positive energy. When qi can flow easily into your home, this energy brings along with it

But according to feng shui, this alignment creates problems in the flow of chi, the vital life force energy. Ideally, chi should enter the front door and circulate When the doors are aligned, however, chi flows straight in from the front and out through the back door, so parts of the home never receive good chi.

The front door, or main door of a home, is the door that you most frequently use to get into and out of your house or apartment. It is not a gate that If your door faces South, use a bright light shining down towards the front door or place a live money plant at the side of the door to activate the energy.

The front door of your house makes the first impression about you on your visitors. At the same time, this is the entry point from where positive energies would enter your abode. That is why the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui lays down some simple ideas to make sure your main door attracts

The front door is a critical aspect of a house according to feng shui as it is regarded as the main entry point of energy. According to classical feng shui text, this means that no matter what sitting or facing a property is orientated, the nature of energy determined by the sitting and facing will still enter from the

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