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Side windows beside front door!

Use frosted window film to give homeowners more privacy by either covering all or a portion of a window or glass door. It can be quite fetching when a mirror or glass door is decorated around the edge with beautifully patterned frosted window film.

Decorative Films, LLC provides decorative window film, stained glass window film, window privacy film, and frosted glass films. Favorites Sign In. But at night, having those windows uncovered feels a little too exposed. Gila Side Light Window Film helps you make the most of your door-side

Install front door window glass into front door through the door window opening. smashed my left front door window today. going to Rockauto.com looking for replacement.

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Make doors with gracious glass panels work for a half bath by applying frosted film that offers a mere glimpse of the charming wallpaper within. Glass-front cabinets may make some people feel self-conscious. Hide mismatched dinnerware and chipped mugs by applying this fuzzy-looking appliqué.

Some front doors feature side panels inset with glass, known as side lights. While allowing you to Window blinds in a slatted configuration provide adequate coverage, allowing you to open or close the Film also provides protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and helps retain heat within the home.