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What Are the Different Types of Locks for the Front Door?

When choosing a front door lock, consumers should ask themselves the same crucial question that they would about any home security measure—namely, just how safe it is. It is important to note that smart locks are, on principle, an extremely good idea; however, until the technology evolves

Insurance Approved Door Locks. In many cases, your insurance company may require you fit a BS3621 British standard lock. You can continue using it, but simply fit a deadlock further down the door at waist height, to allow for a good strong level of security to be applied when the deadlock is

Insurance approved door locks. Having a British standard lock fitted to all external doors and window locks, will be looked on favourably by insurers. These types of locks are mounted onto the front door, rather than morticed into the wall, so as a result they are far less secure than the five lever

READ MORE: Patio door locks. Five-lever mortice deadlock. This is the standard deadlock, which offers moderate protection to the main doors in your home. It's deadbolt locked and unlocked by key from either side, and is recommended by insurance companies - so you might even get a discount on

From front doors to sliding doors, a full security system may be the peace of mind you and your Buddybar Door Jammer- Best Pressure Mounted Bar. Defender Security Reinforcement Lock- Best How to Secure Your Home After a Break-In. 6 min. Insurance Discounts for Using Alarm Systems to

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